3.2 – Postwar Germany – 1946-1950

3.2 – Postwar Germany – Later Years (1946-1950)

Jadzia met Polish Col. Władysław (Władziu to family and friends) Rylko in 1946, while working as a physician for the U.S. Army’s Military Labor Service, at the Civilian Guard Training and Replacement Center in Mannheim-Käfertal. They married a year later. Over the next several years, Jadzia tried to maintain and document her medical skills through volunteer work and several paid positions with the U.S. Army. I was born in January 1950, and near the end of the same year, my parents began to prepare for our immigration to the United States.


1 1stAidCrsAmbul 5x7

(258-259) Jadzia (on top of ambulance) with other first aid course instructors and graduates (Käfertal, 1946).


2 PermtoMarry

(264) Official request for permission to marry, submitted by Jadzia to her commanding officer in the U.S. Military Labor Service (June 8, 1947).


3 WeddingParty 5x7

(264) Władziu and Jadzia (4th and 5th from left) with friends on their wedding day (Bad Soden, June 28, 1947).


4 JadziaCivGuardTrCtr 5x7

(255, 263)  Jadzia (second left) with Władziu (first left), his brother Kazek (far right) and co-workers at the Civilian Guard Training Center (Käfertal, 1947).


5 JadziaHoechst ID 5x7

(277) U.S. Army Labor Service Company ID card, where Jadzia worked as a physician in the Polish dispensary (Höchst, 1949).


6 Microscope1949

(277-278) Jadzia at the microscope in the Polish dispensary (Höchst, 1949).


7 TreatingPatient1949 5x7

(279) Jadzia treating a patient at the Polish dispensary, assisted by a medical student (Höchst, 1949).

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