3.1 – Postwar Germany – Early Years (1945-1946)

Part 3 – Surviving Survival

3.1 – Postwar Germany – Early Years (1945-1946)

Jadzia spent the postwar years moving from one camp to another in search of employment, while trying to rebuild her life. She worked as a physician in several camp infirmaries, reconnected with family and friends, began the long process of recovering key documents, and in late 1945, accompanied her friends, the Krzeminskis, on a sightseeing trip through France.


2 JadziaGrpDarmstadt 5x7

(244-246) Jadzia (standing second from left) and sister Marysia (second from right) with friends at camp “Burg” – established for ex-POWS who had been members of Polish resistance (Darmstadt, September, 1945).


3 Jadzia&Nurses1945 5x7

(246) Jadzia (far left) with nurses in front of camp “Burg” infirmary, in her first job as a refugee physician (Darmstadt, 1945).


4 JadziaReims1945 5x7  5 JadziaNice1945 5x7

(248-249) Jadzia’s travels in France (December, 1945).
Left: Lola Krzeminska, Jadzia, and fellow traveler (left to right) in front of the cathedral in Reims.
Right: With friends along a boulevard in Nice.

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